Tired of working with agencies that hire recent college graduates, or other inexperienced persons, in order to keep expenses down?  Tired of agencies that seem more concerned with their “culture” and being hip, rather than focusing on delivering industry-leading results?

At Ascend, experience and prior performance are our top criteria for new hires. Our Customers want results and an excellent provider, and we know this starts with our team. You won’t find us playing in a company arcade, or posting random pop-culture material on social media. During business hours, all we care about is getting results for our Customers.

Here is our management team:

Zach Jones

President, Owner

Zach founded the company in 2002, and has been managing its growth ever since. Currently, Zach assists the rest of the management team, and is responsible for business development.

Lauren Burton

Director, Digital Strategy

Lauren ensures Ascend has the necessary tools to get results for our Customers. Further, she is responsible for strategizing and managing all of our Customers’ campaigns.

Courtney Mancin

Director, Website Production

Courtney is responsible for the production and management of our turnkey website solutions. From start to finish to beyond, Courtney ensures our Customers’ websites are beautifully designed, properly built, and soundly managed.