It’s hard to believe, but as I (Zach Jones, president and owner) write this in January of 2018, we are celebrating our 16th year of business. I remember building my very first website in 1997, and it feels like it was yesterday. I remember the first Google AdWords campaign I created in 2005, and wow, has digital marketing changed since then!

We’ve worked with companies as large as Chick-fil-A, companies comprised of a hard-working “one-man show,” and hundreds more somewhere in between.

We consider ourselves a boutique web marketing company. We are not for everyone. We have defined a niche of what our ideal Customer is, and if we don’t feel a prospect is a great fit, we’ll politely pass. This may not sound like a big deal, but trust me—it is! Our competitors, perhaps as a result of having bloated payrolls and arcade-inspired workspaces that add nothing to the bottom line, are content to work with anyone that darkens their doorway. You deserve better than that! You deserve specialists, and our small team works together to give your business a priceless edge.

We once fell in the trap of trying to be all things to all people, but no more. We are doing our best work ever, and are having more fun than ever. Being a specialist for a few select markets makes all the difference in the world—for us and our Customers.

So… That is a brief look at the current chapter of our story, but I’d love for you to learn how we got here. Watch this video to learn about our early days!